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Linux Mint with Cinnamon

My old Laptop, a Lenovo T500, served me well for many years now. And it could have served me further, if I had not bought an Android 10" tab 2 years ago. Uuuuhu, how can this be related?

Well, the tab was intended for the casual surfing on the web and sometimes to waste some time with a small game. Yet, when surfing the web, I like to give feedback, and not just by clicking a button with a thumb on. Rather I tend to write, and write lot. But this is a complete pain with the on-screen keyboard on a pad. And not only the writing. I came to he conclusion that the general idea of touching with your fingers on the screen you want to read is a silly idea except for the most constraint situations.

So I decided to buy one of these 12.5" laptops, an Asuspro BU201. While it is of course larger than the tab, it is still light and small enough to carry through the house and use on the couch, if necessary --- in particular so compared to the T500 monster brick.

I got it from ixsoft.de with Linux Mint pre-installed with the Cinnamon desktop environment selected. Everthing worked just as it should so far. Compared to Xfce, Cinnamon looks a bit nicer, more sleek, more modern, but keeps all the benefits described over there as compared to Ubunutu Unity or Gnome-3. Fully configurable, for example to ludicrous settings like having F12 close windows and a double click on the title bar move the window to the background. — Very nice.