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Xmldego — simpler callbacks for XML

XML define and go

Xmldego is a Java class library that for simplified filtering of and data extracting from XML text. To enable filtering even very large XML files, it relies on SAX rather than on DOM. Similar to SAX you register callbacks to listen for events from the parser. But in stark contrast to SAX, the event binding can be very specific, such that you need to deal only with XML elements you are really interested in.

Events are defined to happen in a context, whereas a context is mostly described by a context path, listing the elements down to the current XML element nesting level being parsed. As an example, consider listing all target nodes from an Ant script. All you need to do is to prepare the binding

/project/target — Copy

where Copy is a predefined Callback. Currently callbacks can be attached to start and end tags, comments, processing instructions and text. (More to come.)

Read more in the Javadoc overview.