Harald Kirsch

genug Unfug.

Sa. 24. September 2005

United States of Europe — T. R. Reid

It was an interesting experience to read this American author's book about the EU while living as a German in Britain. A very entertaining read, and I certainly learned something new about some of the history that led to the European Union in its current form. While comparing the US to the EU he is quite biased to the european way of life and politics. Obviously Reid was quite happy while living in London for a while.

Part of the message of the book to his fellow Americans is certainly that he would like to see some changes in his own country. As the reviews on on amazon.com indicate, this does not go down well with conservative reviewers of the book some of who call him a liberal with the typical, modern undertone seemingly attached to it in the US (choose your favorite swearword).

Being myself rather a liberal in that sense, I of course enjoyed the book. Having experienced the benefits of free travel and common currency in most of europe, now living in Britain, I would hope that the eurosceptics in this country would read the book and finally understand that there is nothing wrong with using the €uro or the metric system, and that a working public transport system is a benefit rather than a burden.

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