Harald Kirsch

genug Unfug.

Di. 1. Mai 2007

Fool on the Hill — M. Ruff

This book is just bad. Don't be tricked into reading it by anyone praising the creativity of the author. There is a difference between pasting together arbitrary nonsense and creative composition. Matt Ruff chose the former. He even indirectly admits it in the book where one actor employs a horde of monkeys to tap out the story on their typewriters.

The result is a nonsensical mix of fairy tale, thriller-may-be, love and horror story. In a good fantasy or science fiction story, much of the thrill stems from the tension between the rules and limits — even if unphysical — set up by the author, and how the characters employ them to their benefit as the story develops. Ruff is too lazy to make up any rules. Again he admits by way of one of the characters in the book that he feels free to toss in any twist or turn any time. Too often the reader gets the feeling that Ruff uses this freedom to yank the story out of the corner he has painted/written it into. Silly nonsense, not even funny.

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